Nasal Oxygen Cannula

Angiplast is one of the leading manufacturers, exporters and suppliers of the efficient Nasal Cannula .Our Nasal Cannula enables patients to communicate, eat or drink as the device is designed in a way that the mouth of patient is kept vacant. The device is also popularly known as Twin Bore Nasal Oxygen Set.

Some Salient Features of our Nasal Cannula:-
Made from soft, non-toxic green PVC hence, non-irritating even in long term use.
Star Lumen tube ensures the supply of oxygen even if, the tube is accidentally kinked.
Available in variable sizes  including both Adult & Paediatric cannula.
Smoothly finished & adjustable nasal tips to maximize the comfort.
Soft funnel- shaped connector facilitates easy connection to the oxygen source.
Twin prong nasal tips to ensure equal volume of oxygen to both air passages.
Non-toxic, Pyrogen-free.
Options available in Poly Pack or Paper- Poly Pack or Inner Bag or Inner Box.