Wound Suction Drainage Reservoir

Our sterile Wound Suction Reservoir includes a disposable, portable spring-activated reservoir for closed-wound suction. This reservoir is designed especially for close wound drainage under low / negative pressure post- operatively with the option to use one catheter simultaneously.

Close Wound Suction Unit.

Redon drain (Perforated) catheter is provided with radio opaque line and smooth eye.
Easy to use for single person simply just open the side port, depress the chamber and re-close the side port to activate the suction of bellow unit.
Available in variable sizes with matching size curved needle to meet to moderate to heavy drainage needs.
Sterile, non-toxic and pyrogen-free.

The Unit Consists of:

Bellow unit with connectors.
Connecting tube with clamp and ‘Y’-  connector.
Curved needle with matching catheter.
Spare redon drain (perforated) catheter.

Available Sizes:

Adult 800ml (Code: SR-03A).
Adult 400ml (Code: SR-03B).
Mini Vac Set - Paediatric (Code: SR-04).