Sterile Surgical Gloves

Our Latex Surgical gloves are ideal for practitioners of medicine who require a sterile, sized glove offering exceptional tactile sensitivity and natural feel.
We have a very high quality, technically advanced surgical gloves for healthcare professionals. Our gloves set the standards in protection and comfort, and have a superior puncture indication system for enhanced safety. Our Latex surgical gloves will help protect your hands against body fluids, help you clean up after patients and keep your work area sanitary.

Some features of our Surgical gloves are as follows:-

High elasticity and strength.
Made up of high quality natural latex.
Powdered or powdered free available as per requirement.
Moisture content: below 0.3% per glove.
Sterilization by Gamma Rays / Ethylene Oxide.
Good design comprises bended cuffs, curved fingers for ease of use.
Available in different sizes.