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Umbilical Cord Clamp

The umbilical cord clamp is a medical device used to hold the cord in place when the cut (surgery) is made, and the clamp may stay on for several days while the remaining cord attached to the baby dries.
Angiplast is specialized in offering a qualitative range of umbilical cord clamps used for clamping the umbilical cord immediately after the birth of the child. This product is manufactured from non-toxic medical grade polymer, biologically tested and meant for single use.

Some features of our Umbilical Cord Clamp:

  Designed for clamping the umbilical cord immediately after the birth.
  Finger grip ensures safe & convenient handling.
  Provided with grooves all along the length.
  Manufactured from non toxic medical grade polymer.
  Sterile, non-toxic and pyrogen free.
  Easy Re-open facilities.
  Protection against accidental re-opening.
  Appropriate angle for easy movement for clamping.
  Very safe for clinicians and patients because clipping surfaces are safely adjourned in notches to eliminate risk of injury.
  Single patient use - no need to clean or re-sterilize.