Ryles Tube

Angiplast delivers Ryles Tube which is specially designed for patient undergoing long term gastro- intestinal feeding, aspiration and intestinal secretion.

Some prominent features of Ryles Tube:-

Siliconized and smooth outer surface to reduce chances of tissue irritation.
Thermo- sensitive material softening with body temperature
conforming to the shape of nasal - gastric tract.
Corrosion resistant  stainless steel balls are sealed at the distal end of tube for X-ray identification and for assisting the movement of tube during insertion.
Provided with full length Radio Opaque line for checking the tube placement.
Provision of four lateral eyes for efficient aspiration.
Marked with 1, 2, & 3 black circles at 500mm, 600mm & 700mm for accurate placement.
Provided with soft tapered connector at the proximal- end to fit easily with standard accessories.
Sterile by Ethylene Oxide.
Available in different sizes (FG) : 8FG, 10FG, 12FG, 14FG, 16FG, 18FG, 20FG, 22FG, 24FG,  & 26FG.