Infant Nasogastric Feeding Tube

We provide Infant Naso-gastric Feeding Tube specially designed for infant and neonate  for feeding.

Some Salient Features of our Naso-gastric Feeding Tube:-

Made from implantation-tested PVC, non irritant to delicate mucous membranes.
Super  smooth coned tip having two lateral eyes at distal end.
Color coded female luer mount provided for safe feeding with syringe or funnel.
A radio opaque strip co-extruded as an integral part of the catheters wall.
Sterile, non-toxic and pyrogen free.
Available  in different size  (FG) : 3FG, 3.5FG, 4FG, 5FG, 6FG, 7FG, 7.5FG, 8FG, 9FG, 10FG, 11FG,  & 12FG.
Modification in length and diameter of the tubing as per specification provided by the customer.
Poly Pack or Blister Pouch. Straight Packing.