Infusion Therapy

IV Cannula

Angiplast Pvt. Ltd. is one of the best IV Cannula manufacturers, exporters and suppliers in the global at an affordable rate. IV Cannula also known as IV Catheter is a bevel type needle used for easier and less traumatic insert. This tube of Catheter is flexible, kink resistant and is double tapered with rounded tip for smooth introduction and minimum discomfort to the patient.

Some salient features of our IV Catheter are as follows:-

Sterile, single use and non-pyrogenic.
Japanese back- cut needle with diameter and length adhering to all ISO standards.
Triple point needle for painless insertion.
Thin walled Teflon catheter.
Catheters available with or without radio opaque line.
The flash back chamber allows quick visualization of venous return.
Flexible wings provide easy & secure fixation.
Intermittent non-return valve to prevent leakage.
Color coded port cap.
Length of catheter is designed as per ISO standards.
Medical grade paper is used for primary packaging complying with ISO Standards.

Packing Details:
Unit Pack - Blister Pack
Inner Box of  50 pieces or 100 pieces
Outer Box of 1000 pieces

Angiplast has different IV Catheter models:
Cannula with Wing & Injection Port (TT-31)
IV Cannula without Wing & Injection Port (IT-32)
IV Cannula with Wing & without Injection Port (IT-33)
Our IV Catheter are available in different sizes which includes 14G, 16G, 17G, 18G, 20G, 22G, 24G & 26G.