Trocar Catheter

Our Thoracic Catheter with Trocar is used for rapid non-operative pleural and chest drainage allowing safe and effective penetration with exact placement. This product features with blunt tip trocar for easy penetration, placement and handling. It is primarily used to relief the life-threatening chest conditions such as tension pneumothora and safely perform the traditional approach to chest drain insertion with an open or blunt tip trocar.

Silent Features of our Trocar Catheters:-

The device is specially designed for rapid non operative pleural and chest drainage for the relief of chest conditions such as tensions pneumothorax.
Catheter manufactured from medical grade PVC is snuggly fitted over the trocar.
Blunt smooth tip.
Flat handle facilitates easy maneuverability.
Large smooth drainage eyes for efficient drainage.
Markings provided at 2 cm to 20 cm from the distal tip assist to ascertain the depth of penetration.
Proximal- end is fitted with tapered connector for easy connection to drainage bottle.
Double packed individually in peel-able pouch.