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Infant Mucus Extractor

Angiplast is regarded as one of the renowned Mucus Extractor suppliers from India. The Infant Mucus Extractor is designed for aspiration of secretion from Oropharynx in infant to ensure free respiration. Our Infant Mucus Extractor is clear, transparent and has low friction surface. It provides easy visual examination and enables trauma- free insertion of the aspiration.

Some Noteworthy Features of our Infant Mucus Extractor:-
The product is especially designed for aspiration of mucus in the newly born babies to ensure trouble - free respiration.
Transparent graduated chamber allows measurement and visual examination of the aspirate.
Funnel shaped adapter at the proximal- end of suction tube is to ensure simple and secured connection.
Smooth outer surface finish of the catheter for trauma - free insertion.
Spare cap is provided for safe storage of specimen for testing and aseptic disposal.
Available with filter also.