Stomach Tube

These tubes are essential when it is important both to suck out stomach fluid for testing, and to prevent over filling, and for feeding. The tube makes it convenient for the nurses to ensure that the stomach does not get over-feeded. It is also utilized to feed the patients.
Some Noteworthy Features of our Stomach Tube:-

Designed for nasal & gastric introduction for nutrition & aspiration of intestinal secretion.
Smooth outer surface to reduce probability of tissue irritation.
Thermo- sensitive material softening with body temperature aligned according to the shape of naso-gastric tract.
Provided with full- length radio- opaque line to monitor the placement of the tube.
Provision of 3 / 4 eye-holes for efficient aspiration.
Soft tapered connector at the proximal- end to fit easily with standard accessories.
Sterile, non-toxic and pyrogen free.
Available in different sizes with different ranges including: 8FG, 10FG, 12FG, 14FG, 16FG, 18FG, 20FG, 22FG, 24FG,  & 26FG.