Colostomy/Urostomy Bag

Colostomy bag commonly known as  ostomy  pouching system is a removable medical device  used for the collection of body wastes from our biological system ( Colon, Ileum, Urinary Tract). Ostomites,  now have the choice of buying Angiplast’s disposable colostomy bags without worrying about the pain and to clean a used bag for reuse.
Our colostomy bags are designed in a manner that they are mostly attached within the exterior openings of our body (Stoma) or firmly to the exterior stomach wall to collect not only human wastes, but, also gas (or flatus) from the stoma.

Some Features of Our Disposable Colostomy Bags:-

Disposable colostomy bags / Disposable Urostomy Bag
Drainable (can be emptied).
Bags are water and leak-  proof, and they will not absorb or let in outside moisture enabling,  patients  to bathe, shower or even swim with it.
Inclusive of a filter.
Large enough for overnight use,